11 Sep 2023
NOVAX new generation of MVR evaporators is coming, solving wastewater problems and recycling water resources

NOVAX Technology has developed a new generation of multi-effect energy-saving evaporators in the field of water resources - MVR evaporators (mechanical vapor recompression technology mechanical vapor recompression), to provide an effective and cost-effective brand-new evaporator for wastewater treatment and waste liquid concentration in the domestic manufacturing industry. market, through waste water recycling and reuse, to achieve zero discharge of waste water.

Although Taiwan is one of the areas with the most rainfall in the world, because there was no typhoon landed last year, this caused Taiwan to fall into a severe drought. Many reservoirs have less than 20% of their water storage capacity, and some water levels are even lower than 10%. Affected by factors such as phenomena, the spring rain in 2021 will be the lowest value since the official record, and water replenishment is hopeless. The reservoirs in the western half have gradually entered the lower limit of water level warning. It must be done, and the new generation of MVR evaporator of NOVAX Technology is the friendliest water treatment equipment. It can customize the system according to customer needs, improve the treatment efficiency through the best systematic equipment, and greatly reduce the treatment cost of the factory.

In the face of industrial inorganic waste water (such as ammonia nitrogen, sulfate, boron waste water, etc.), traditional equipment technology is difficult to effectively deal with, NOVAX MVR evaporator without adding chemicals, with different salt crystallization points, can Effectively treat inorganic wastewater and produce reusable water, reducing the manufacturer's treatment costs. Whether it is the waste liquid that needs to be outsourced to clean up, or the problem of wastewater exceeding the discharge water discharge standard, the NOVAX MVR evaporator equipment can solve the problem Effectively improve and greatly reduce secondary pollution. The operating principle of NOVAX MVR evaporator equipment is to recycle the high-temperature steam generated during the distillation process and pressurize it into higher temperature and high pressure steam, which is used as the heat source in the distillation equipment and driven by waste heat. , to achieve effective utilization of resources, that is, to use a small amount of electric energy to obtain more heat energy. It is a high-efficiency energy-saving technology, and MVR can save up to 80~95% of energy consumption.

NOVAX MVR evaporator series-mechanical vapor recompression technology (mechanical vapor recompression) is an indispensable tool for zero discharge of wastewater in the future. The equipment is small in size and short in installation time. Moreover, we manufacture and assemble locally without import costs High questions, whether you want to reduce waste water discharge, process dehydration, waste liquid dehydration, or waste liquid reduction, Nova attaches great importance to the zero discharge policy of factory waste water, and the MVR evaporator thoroughly implements the spirit of circular economy.